About us

I guess some people think we are crazy.  We get an idea in our heads and think, “why not?  Worst case scenario we . . .”  We are blessed with the ability to make a decision and go with it!  That’s what we did three years ago when we decided to pack up and move cross country from Oregon to Myrtle Beach.  We were ready for some warmer weather and thought it would be nice to live at the beach, so Operation Coast to Coast was born. 

We had lots of fun the first year, we spent LOTS of time at the beach and Kevin’s family and my Mom & Rick came to visit us (you get lots of visitors when you live at the beach!).  We visited Cape Cod and Kevin spent a month up there working on his Uncle Russ’ house.  We went down to Tampa, Florida several times to see Kevin’s dad and we made several trips up to New Jersey to see Kevin’s sister Leigh-Ann’s family.  Like I said, we had LOTS of fun!! 

We started our pet photography business, spent lots of $$ marketing and had minimal success- I guess Myrtle Beach really isn’t ready for pet photography!  I got certified to teach Yoga and met lots of wonderful women that I will truly miss.  I bought into a partnership in a Yoga Studio called The Yoga Room and after a year, realized that running a studio is hard work and not very profitable – I guess it kind of took the fun out of teaching to always be worrying about the bottom line!  Again, it seems Myrtle Beach just isn’t ready for enlightenment! 

Kevin started a real estate investing company and has worked his butt off to buy and sell three properties.  I think Kevin picked one of the weirdest markets to start his investing business, but hey, he was successful – just think how successful he could be in a real market! 

We decided we were ready for a change and talked about moving back to Oregon, but thought . . .let’s try Charlotte- it’s got the mountains, the beach is only 4 hours away and it’s a real city (not to mention, it doesn’t rain very often!)  But we soon figured out, IT’S JUST NOT PORTLAND!  We gave it a few months . . . but then made the decision to move back to Oregon- lo and behold, Operation Coast to Coast, Part Deux was born!  Thanks to all of the web tools we have now, we will even get to have some fun with along the way!

I know what you’re thinking . . . we’re crazy, yeah, maybe we’re are – but we’re just livin’ life, trying to make our way and live each day to the fullest!


One response to “About us

  1. yup you’re crazy…but we love you!

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