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It sounded like a perfect plan …

We were sure that we had thought of everything – we made a bunch of shots of espresso to bring along with us so we wouldn’t have to hunt for a Starbucks every morning, we boiled some eggs to bring so we would have something to eat if the breakfast at the hotel wasn’t good, and we brought lots of snacks; turkey, string cheese, trail mix, carrots and hummus.  All in the hopes of trying to eat healthy while we are on the road!  But there is just something about being on the road that makes you want yummy, not-very-good-for-you food!  We are trying to be good – we don’t want to get to the end of our trip and need a new wardrobe 🙂   We will see how it goes – it’s almost like we want to reward ourselves for the long monotonous hours on the road!

Welcome to Ohio!We made it to West Chester, Ohio today and we took the scenic route – not intentionally, it’s just the way “Jill” (our GPS) took us- maybe there is no other way, but this felt like the scenic route!  By the way, we were on Highway 52, the “Ohio Scenic Byway” – and we are using the term “scenic” loosely – there was not much to see!  Just old coal mining towns and occassional glimpes of the river that we were driving along .

Cali gets to blow off some steam!

Cali burning off some steam!

We got to see my Mom & Rick.  They have a little kitty named “Taz” and he was NOT happy about Cali’s visit.  In fact, he wasn’t very happy to see me either – I got hissed at, twice!!  I also got to see my Uncle Bob, Aunt Colleen, my cousin Tammy and her two little girls, Lili and Faith.  I had hoped to see my cousin Nathan- I haven’t seen him in 15 years (yikes!) – but he was working in Kentucky.  He said he might try to see me in the morning, at least to give me a hug (what a sweetie!!).  When I talked to him, he said he was 980 feet in the air (and he answered his cell phone – twice!).  I hope I get to see him – it has been a long time and he’s a grown man with two kids now!  Cali had a blast running around the back yard and chewing on sticks – I’m sure she is going to sleep well tonight!

It was a nice visit and now we are back in the hotel.  The kitties seem pretty relaxed, even little Zuni is out checking the place out!  The hotel is pretty cool- this was the last room they had in the hotel and it is a two bedroom suite – lots of room for the kitties to move around.  They have been little troopers so far.

Tomorrow we drive to Iowa – hopefully we will miss the weather in the area and have a nice dry drive thru Indiana and Illinois.

Cali has a sweet ride in the minivan 🙂  Doesn’t she look comfy??

Cali chillin in the minivan.

Cali chillin in the minivan.