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We’re here!!

We finally made it to Portland at about 4:00 pm – it felt like we had been driving for days! (wait, WE HAVE been driving for days!!) The cats were SO NAUGHTY today- we had at least two hours of whining and moaning from Monkey, and an hour or so of Ashley and Yogi going ballistic trying to get out of their crates. Zuni is still the best little kitty 🙂 She just sat quietly in her crate – she’s the best!! We thought about leaving the bad kitties at a rest stop, but Kevin said that wouldn’t be right. Then he said something about putting them in the roof tube – I guess we were all feeling a little stressed out!

We had a beautiful day again and by the time we got to Portland it was 59 degrees and raining! (go figure!) The drive through the Columbia Gorge was LONG, but beautiful. I don’t think it could possibly be any greener – and the trees all looked so HUGE!! We tried to enjoy the scenery without being too impatient about getting to our destination.

The Columbia Gorge divides Oregon and Washington (in case you have never been here). It is a beautiful drive with lots of fun stuff to see along the way – lots of views across the river, bridges, lots of trees – I took a just a few pictures to share with you. At one point when we looked across the Gorge, you could see what looked like a truck that had gone off the edge of a cliff on the Washington side. I took a picture so we could blow it up and see what it was and it is a semi truck! I couldn’t find any info on-line about the crash, but Kevin overheard a trucker talking on his cell phone and he was talking about it.

Tomorrow morning we get to go over and get the keys to our townhouse, this is our last night in a hotel. This hotel only had one entrance, so we had to double the kitties up in their crates, cover the crates with beach towels and pile luggage on top of them on the luggage cart to sneak them past the front desk. It’s not that we are not staying in a “pet friendly” hotel (there really is no way to sneak Cali in!), it’s just that people look at you a little crazy when you say you have four cats – and we are not especially fond of paying the “per pet fee”. (it’s not like they use more towels or sheets or something!)

Now we are all lounging around watching the Redsox (Go Sox!) and hoping for a good nights sleep (we know it’s not likely . . . the kitties seem to enjoy walking all over us during the night, and paying multiple visits to the litter box . . . but we try to hope for the best)

Thanks for joining us on our trip- we’ll keep you posted on our new adventure. Portland definitely feels like home and we are SO HAPPY to be back!!