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From Fort Mill to Beaverton with 4 cats, a dog and lots of trail mix!

The date has been set!  The movers will be here Monday, September 29th and we will officially hit the road in the Melfi Minivan.  (yup, you read that right minivan!)  We are almost packed and we are SO ready to go.  It’s hard to relax and stay put when you have made such a huge decision and want to get moving. 

It’s funny how easy it is to “thin out” your stuff when you have to pay to move it cross country.  “Do we really need that?”  “When was the last time we used this??”  These are all questions that seem to be answered with: “Get rid of it!”  Luckily Shaun and Emily just purchased a new house and they are more than willing to inherit some of the things we would rather not move.  The rest will go to Goodwill.

Our first night will be spent in Barboursville, West Virginia.  We plan on leaving right after the movers finish loading the truck.  Monkey (our oldest & grumpiest cat- he’s #1 up top) can already sense that something is up – he has made 5 moves with us – poor guy!  I had to take him to the vet on Monday. 

Monkey showing off his fat lip!

Monkey showing off his fat lip!

We went to Myrtle Beach over the weekend and when we got back I noticed that he has a fat lip.  So, off to the vet we went – I had to call Kevin on the way so he could hear the howling (it sounded more like screaming) on the way . . . and let him know what he has to look forward to (x’s 4!!).  The good new is, the vet gave me some pills for the ride to help keep the howling to a minimum- the bad news is, Monkey has a tumor on his lip!  We will have to wait until we get to Oregon to have it taken care of.  Worst case scenario is that he has cancer – I’m going to keep my thoughts positive and hope for a better case scenario!

Day two we will stop to see my mom in West Chester, Ohio.  She’s been there for 3 years and we haven’t made it out there, so we’re glad that we can stop and see everyone on our way back.  We are going to try to take our time, have some fun and enjoy the ride this time – I will try to keep you posted of our daily progress (it gives me something fun to do!).

On the road again . . . .