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That is all we have seen for the last 540 miles!!!  Miles and miles of corn fields!  Today we passed thru Indiana, Illinois and ended up in Iowa (Grinnell, Iowa to be exact).  Every hour or so, one of us would say, “look honey, CORN!!”.  I thought it would be funny if we showed up to the hotel and there was some corn to take a picture of. . . . we pulled into the parking lot and . . . we are not making this up  . . .CORN!!!

Our hotel last night was AWESOME!!!  It was a 2 bedroom suite, and we had a yummy breakfast.  The best part was, my cousin Nathan made a special trip -he drove home from Kentucky last night, getting in at 2:00 am, and came over at 8:00 am this morning.  It was SO GREAT to see him – he has grown up into such a wonderful man- what a sweetie! 🙂  We hit the road at about 9:20 am and finally arrived at the hotel at 5:30 pm (well, really it was 6:30 pm, but we changed time zones!)  It was just about an hour too long!!  Everyone was ready to get out of the car! 

Tomorrow I am instituting a “drug free” day for the kitties.  Monkey howls no matter how much we give him, Zuni spends half of the day trying to claw her way out of her crate, and Ashley and Yoga are totally zoned out.  I feel bad.  We’ll see how they do tomorrow.  It seems to me that Monkey just slept under his little pad in his crate last time- but now he is all confused and upset.  We will let you know how it goes- we can always drug them, right???

We are in the middle of nowhere but we managed to get some yummy Mexican food for dinner!  Only four more days!!!