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Little known facts about Wyoming. . .

The majority of Wyoming is dominated by mountain ranges and rangelands of the Rocky Mountain West, while the easternmost section of the state is a high altitude prairie region known as the High Plains. While it is the ninth largest U.S. state by size, it is the least populous (second behind Alaska).

Wyoming is more scenic than Nebraska- but still, the roads are long and boring!!  The road just keeps going, and going, and going . . .  At one point, I saw a group of antelope – when I told Kevin I saw antelope, he laughed!  (Okay, sometimes I get the name of an animal wrong- but I was pretty sure that these were antelope, and he was pretty sure that I was mistaken).  We had already seen a coyote pouncing on something on a hillside next to the road and were on the lookout for more wildlife (always looking for a photo op!).

We stopped at a rest area in Cheyenne, Wyoming and read their informational sign and guess what- -there actually are antelope in Wyoming!  We stopped to get gas as we left the rest area and a horribly loud siren started going off.  We are pretty sure that it was a weather siren, but we weren’t sure what it meant (what’s the point of the ear piercing noise if you have no idea what it means??)  As we got back on the highway we could see that there was some weather ahead, but I kept telling Kevin that it was going to miss us (which it did – is it possible that I was right twice in the same day??) 

I kept myself busy looking for things to take pictures of – the antelope, cows, hay, some of the storms around us. . . but all day, I was trying to get a shot of a hawk – I saw three of them perched on a fence or sign, but when you are going 75 miles an hour, it’s hard to get the shot!  Tomorrow is another day, right?

We are in a very small town called Rock Springs and we can’t wait to leave- this is our least favorite hotel of the trip (what did Kevin call it?  Oh yeah . . . a little skeevy).  I’ve been trying to put a positive spin on it (we have stayed in worse, blah, blah, blah) but it’s not my favorite either. 

It looks like we will run into some bad weather tomorrow – there is a BIG STORM coming across the mountains and they are saying snow in the mountains!  YIKES!!!  We are going to get up early and see how far we can get.   All I know is- we’re NOT staying here!

One more thing- I included a couple of pictures just for Maribeth and Bill- I thought you would enjoy seeing a Wyoming golf course 🙂