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Drug-free Thursday

Happy Thursday!!  We drove from Iowa, half way thru Nebraska today.  As Kevin says, we drove thru Ne”freakin’braska.  There’s not much to see, not much fun to be had.  Well, how much fun can you have with 4 cats and a dog in the car anyway?  We’ve been trying to “enjoy the ride”.  There is no stopping “just for fun” and seeing the sights – we have animals to worry about!!  Everyone did really well today with no drugs.  Well, almost everybody.  We were just entering Nebraska when Yogi let out this possessed scream, which made me miss the “Welcome to Nebraska” sign. 

Yogi has IBS (which, loosely translated, means that the veterinarians don’t know what is wrong with his tummy, so they call it Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  Needless to say, when we crossed the border to Nebraska, his bowel was clearly irritated.  Poor kitty.  We had to stop, remove him from his crate, do some clean up, call the vet and then administer meds.  It turns out that Yogi is the only one that cannot participate in the drug free days.  He needs the drugs to help keep his tummy from FREAKING OUT! 

All I will say is, it was bad.  If we could have pulled over sooner, we would have- but we were right in the middle of one of those areas where if you got off the highway, you would be lost forever.  I delt with the cat, Kevin delt with the mess (poor Kevin!).  It took a little while for us to recover- but the rest of the trip went very smoothly.  Yogi got his meds, he slept and made it all the way to North Platt, Nebraska.

We enjoyed seeing the wind powered turbines- it is amazaing how HUGE they really are.  We saw a few of the blades for the turbines go by on trucks and they were enormous!  So cool.

We wish we had more “fun stuff” to share- but we are just making our way. . . we did start marking off all of the license plates that we see.  We have seen alot of California plates and we have still seen LOTS of CORN.  More corn than you can even imagine.  And some soy beans.  Today we started to see some more cows- they are so cute- how can people eat them??  (Kevin says, because they are tasty!)  A few truck loads of adorable little pigs went by today.  I wish I could have taken a picture of their cute little noses (again, Kevin had to mention that they are tasty.)  Every time we saw horses, they were huddled up as if they were in conference.  What do you think they are discussing out there?  Can’t wait to get to a state where there are some curves in the road!!