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It’s still snowing!

That’s what we say as we occassionally look out the window!  Local weather guy, Matt Zaffino said the Portland metro area hasn’t accumulated this much snow in the month of December since 1968.   (woohoo- lucky us!!)  As of Monday morning, 14 inches has accumulated in Portland, a record for this month. The all-time record in December is 18 inches.  

I am happy that we have snow instead of the freezing rain that they were calling for all day yesterday.  We were so surprised when we went out this morning- poor Cali was all the way up to her belly!   We have been trying to have Cali’s joyful appreciation for the snow- afterall, it is beautiful!  She can’t help but stick her nose deep into the snow and run around in happy circles!  She is always reminding us to savor the moment!

We put the chains on today and went to visit a kitty that I am taking care of – it was a fun adventure!  It was so nice to get out of the house!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a reason to stay home; time to watch a few movies, catch up on some projects and start thinking about my goals for the new year – but geez, I like to have the option to go out! 

Great news!  I got a job teaching at a new yoga studio on 185th.  Poise Yoga Studio (http://www.poisestudio.com/ ) is opening on January 3rd and is offering 2 weeks of free classes.  I will be teaching Tuesday mornings at 7:00 am – I can’t wait!  It’s a beautiful studio and they offer a wide variety of classes from Kid’s Yoga to Pilates.  I teach my first class on January 6th – come and take a class!!  It’s the new year – is there a more perfect time to try something new??  Why not you??  Why not now??

I read something that got me thinking the other day . . . “Some people spend all their lives on a boring little island called the “Someday Isle.”  “Someday I’ll be happy.  Someday, I’ll hike in Nepal.  Someday I’ll build a log house.  Someday I’ll have a great adventure.”  Life is not a dress rehersal.  Life is here and it is now.  Reach out and seize it, you deserve it!”

I have lived on “Someday Isle” and  luckily, I voted myself off the island 🙂  One of the many things yoga  has taught me, is to live in the present moment.  No matter what has happened in the past, or what the future holds, all we have is this moment.  It’s easy to get caught up in worry- it’s estimated that 99 out of 100 things we worry about never come to pass.  What did you worry about a year ago?  How many of your biggest worries have actually come to pass?  Yoga helps me put life in perspective and it has changed the way I handle lifes little ups and downs –  That is why I LOVE YOGA!!!

Enjoy the photos . . .we had fun taking them!!