I guess it’s time to fall back!

Why is it that you always wake up earlier than usual on the one day of the year that you are given an extra hour to sleep??  We had a perfect Portland day today – 60 degrees and a little rainy!  We took The Max (public transit) downtown and bopped around and then had lunch 🙂  Isn’t it funny how you can always “figure everything out” when you’ve had a couple of beers??

Well, I haven’t quite got it all figured out, but I do know that I need to re-write my resume.  I’ve sent out at least 40 resumes and haven’t received one call!  I will consider that a big, fat HINT!!  So, I have to be creative and show the hiring managers that I have skills, even though I have been doing my own thing for seven years.  The funny thing is, I have more skills now than I did when I had a “job”.  I have learned so much and tried so many things since I’ve been doing my own thing!  I had time to create several websites, market several businesses and interact with lots of different types of customers!  I just need to get someone to call me, then I will be able to sell myself, right??

Kevin had an interview this week and he has another interview on Tuesday with a different company (yes, he’s got SKILLS!)  Hopefully he will get to be just a little bit picky so he can do something he enjoys instead of just getting a JOB

We are still thrilled and delighted to be back!!  We had so much fun this weekend!  We went trick or treating in Wilsonville with Kurt and Becky’s kids; David and Sydney.  Their neighborhood was unbelievable – there were kids EVERYWHERE!!  We have never seen so many people out trick or treating!!  One of the houses was really SCARY- it looked like a movie set!  The owner was dressed like the guy from Chainsaw Massacre and was chasing some of the kids around with a chainsaw- very funny!!  We decided that someday we want to be that house 🙂 

Last night we went to see Ken & Candi- they have 2 dogs, KC and Hannah.  Cali has been friends with KC since he was a pup, but they got Hannah after we left – so they are new friends.  We all had a wonderful time!  It feels like we never left!! 

Sorry there are no pictures this week- we took the camera over to Ken & Candi’s and we forgot the CF card!  (okay, I forgot it!)  Like Ken said, this big expensive camera isn’t worth much if it doesn’t have the CF card in it.  Next week we’ll have some more pics 🙂

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


The Pumpkin Regatta

We had the pleasure of attending the 5th Annual Giant Pumpkin Regatta today! Started in 2003, it is exactly what the name suggests; a boat race, but the boats are giant pumpkins (no, really!) It sounded like a hoot, so we grabbed the camera and headed out for some fun!

I’m still amazed that these 600-800 pound pumkins could float, let alone hold an adult!! They didn’t just do a little 50 yard dash, they had to row all the way around the lake!! Entertaining for all ages!! (you can click on the pictures to see a bigger pic!)

Looking for a job sucks!!

I know that it’s not “PC” to say something “sucks”- but seriously- sending out your resume over and over and getting no response is just a bit depressing!  I know that we have very marketable skills, but obviously the people that are receiving our resumes DO NOT agree 😦 

What’s a girl gotta do to get a job around here???

So, walking dogs is definitely a possiblity.  I like to be in control of my time and I am very impatient – so at least I could have something to do and some money coming in, right?  I have plans to write an e-book on ‘how to start a petsitting/dog walking business’- so that would also give me something to do. 

It’s ridiculous the number of resumes I have sent out- jobs that I am definitely over qualified for- and I still have not heard the phone ring!  (Kevin went to lunch with Kirk and called me on the way home . . . so I know that the phone works!)

I have been enjoying playing around on Facebook- if you haven’t  tried it, check it out!  It’s a fun way to connect with people – people that you may have not talked to in forever! 

Last weekend we went for a hike in one of our favorite places, the Hoyt Arboretum (http://www.hoytarboretum.org/)  It was a gorgeous day, and you could tell that Cali was excited to be back in the woods!  The trees are changing and it definitely felt like fall – there is nothing better than a sunny, fall day in Portland!  I snapped a few pictures 🙂 

On Sunday we went to an event at the World Forestry Center – Wolf to Woof.  It was a dog friendly event and there were lots of cute doggies there (we didn’t bring Cali because she gets way too stressed out when there are LOTs of dogs around!).  We got to visit with my friend Margie – she is one of my favorite clients (she had 5 dogs when I started walking her dogs- now she has 3!)  She owns Petutopia – a really cool store for pets and the people that love them!  (http://www.petutopia.com/). 

Other than that- we’ve been endlessly searching for jobs- and, like I said, it SUCKS!!  The kitties seem relaxed- check out the picture of Zuni, does she look stressed out??? 

Waitin’ on a sofa . . .

I think one of the worst parts of moving is waiting around for people to show up!!  Our sofa is supposed to be delivered today between 12:30 and 3:30 pm.  It’s 2:35 and I’m guessing they will show up somewhere around 4:00!! 

It is beautiful and sunny outside – we can think of lots of other things we would love to be doing right now!  Kevin is diligently trying to get my computer back up and running.  It made the move cross country okay, but then we moved it from upstairs to downstairs and when we plugged it in it sounded like an airplane taking off!!  We turned it off and then turned it back on and there it was . . . the blue screen of death 😦 

If it’s not one thing, it’s another!!  Luckily, Kevin is a bit of a computer wiz, and at least it will turn on now!  All of my data is there, but I may not have all of the cool programs that I had.  Bummer.  It feels like I have been on the laptop for days looking for a job.  I have applied to lots of them and I know it takes time.  Hopefully, someone will see that I have skills (I don’t think it looks very good on my resume that I spent the last 7 years walking dogs and doing yoga!!)  I’m thinking positive thoughts!!!

We got to see some friends this week.  It seems that just about everyone has a 5 year old and a toddler!!!  We are just so happy to be back!!  It almost feels like we never left!!

This weekend we are going to get out and take some photos of what we love about Portland.  We went to Saturday Market last weekend, and I forgot my camera!!  My bad.

We have both grown tired of watching TV from our beach chairs and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the sofa!!!  I took a couple of yoga classes at a studio nearby this week, but the classes were just a little too gentle – I at least like to break a sweat!!!  I’m sure I needed a gentle class, but what I wanted was someone to challenge me!!  I have a whole room dedicated to yoga upstairs – hooray!  And Kevin has a “man cave” downstairs complete with leather chair and tv (what else could he possibly need??).  Cali has settled in and stopped mutilating herself, the kitties are all good, all we need now are a couple of JOBS!!!!!   We’ll keep you posted!

It’s cold outside!!

Yup, it’s been chilly here in the Pacific Northwest- yesterday we took Cali for a walk and I had an ice cream headache because it was so cold! (44 degrees!!) It rained today and we were both laughing – it’s 49 degrees and raining – we must be in Portland!!! This afternoon we went to our favorite grocery store, Trader Joes and stocked up on food (I can’t possibly eat one more meal out!). The movers came yesterday and I have almost unpacked the whole house (we didn’t move much, so it was easy!!)

When we first arrived at our new “house” (it’s a townhouse in an apartment complex) – we were not very excited about the place. I saw a flash of panic in Kevin’s eyes, so we told the girl that we were going to go and have a cup of coffee. We went to Starbucks, got on the computer and starting looking for other options, we even went and looked at another townhouse- but it was worse than the apartment!! Rentals are never as nice as you want them to be (but what did we expect? It’s a rental!!) After a few hours of panic, we went back and signed the lease at the original place. Now that our stuff is here and we are mostly moved in, it feels like home 🙂

Sometimes all of the spontaneous decisions that we make can lead to alot of stress, and this was no exception- but today, we feel good about our move, the place and where we are!!  The house is mostly set up- we don’t have a sofa, so we are camped out on our beach chairs in the living room watching our TV – it’s pretty funny 🙂

The kitties have all settled in – Cali is still a little bit of a mess, but she’ll be okay. She is such a sensitive dog- she gets all stressed out, gets itchy, licks her paws until they are raw, gets more stressed out, licks her paws more- poor little nut job! (I’m sure it’s no reflection on us- right?) She’s under 24 hour surveillance and may have to wear her “space boots” again. (If she does, I’ll take a picture – there is nothing funnier than watching her walk around in her boots!)

Speaking of funny- yesterday, Zuni finally came downstairs to check out the main floor and somehow she walked into some packing tape that had been ripped off of a box- she went flying out of the room with the tape stuck to her foot- HELP, SOMEONE IS AFTER ME!!! Kevin ran upstairs to save her and he said she was doing figure eights around the bedroom – under the bed, around the room . .. he finally caught her on the third loop and rescued her from the terrible tape. Now, everytime she hears us rip the tape off of a box, her eyes get huge and she runs to hide!! I wish we could have caught it on video, I laugh out loud everytime I think about it!!

We are ready to get out and explore Portland again- I can’t wait to go to Saturday Market and go for a hike by the Japanese Gardens, and visit The Pearl and see some friends!! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to share.  Tomorrow, I’m off to a yoga class – I can’t wait!!

We’re here!!

We finally made it to Portland at about 4:00 pm – it felt like we had been driving for days! (wait, WE HAVE been driving for days!!) The cats were SO NAUGHTY today- we had at least two hours of whining and moaning from Monkey, and an hour or so of Ashley and Yogi going ballistic trying to get out of their crates. Zuni is still the best little kitty 🙂 She just sat quietly in her crate – she’s the best!! We thought about leaving the bad kitties at a rest stop, but Kevin said that wouldn’t be right. Then he said something about putting them in the roof tube – I guess we were all feeling a little stressed out!

We had a beautiful day again and by the time we got to Portland it was 59 degrees and raining! (go figure!) The drive through the Columbia Gorge was LONG, but beautiful. I don’t think it could possibly be any greener – and the trees all looked so HUGE!! We tried to enjoy the scenery without being too impatient about getting to our destination.

The Columbia Gorge divides Oregon and Washington (in case you have never been here). It is a beautiful drive with lots of fun stuff to see along the way – lots of views across the river, bridges, lots of trees – I took a just a few pictures to share with you. At one point when we looked across the Gorge, you could see what looked like a truck that had gone off the edge of a cliff on the Washington side. I took a picture so we could blow it up and see what it was and it is a semi truck! I couldn’t find any info on-line about the crash, but Kevin overheard a trucker talking on his cell phone and he was talking about it.

Tomorrow morning we get to go over and get the keys to our townhouse, this is our last night in a hotel. This hotel only had one entrance, so we had to double the kitties up in their crates, cover the crates with beach towels and pile luggage on top of them on the luggage cart to sneak them past the front desk. It’s not that we are not staying in a “pet friendly” hotel (there really is no way to sneak Cali in!), it’s just that people look at you a little crazy when you say you have four cats – and we are not especially fond of paying the “per pet fee”. (it’s not like they use more towels or sheets or something!)

Now we are all lounging around watching the Redsox (Go Sox!) and hoping for a good nights sleep (we know it’s not likely . . . the kitties seem to enjoy walking all over us during the night, and paying multiple visits to the litter box . . . but we try to hope for the best)

Thanks for joining us on our trip- we’ll keep you posted on our new adventure. Portland definitely feels like home and we are SO HAPPY to be back!!

Third time is a charm?

We established on this trip that this is Kevin’s third trip across the US into Oregon.  His first trip was from Rhode Island to Oregon and took him 3 days- his second trip was from Chicago, IL to Oregon and took him 2 1/2 days – and this, his third East to West Coast trip will take 6 days!!  He says that he NEVER wants to see Nebraska, Wyoming or Idaho from a car again (and I don’t blame him!)  This is my second trip (I drove from Michigan to California in 1997).  This does not include the trip we made from Oregon to South Carolina three years ago.  We have seen the country, and we don’t need to see it again, at least from this vantage point!  We hope to stay put in Oregon and call it home for a LONG, LONG time 🙂

Did I mention that the hotel we stayed in last night was “skeevy”?  Neither one of us slept much – the bed was like a BRICK!  We were up at 3:00 am, but knew we needed to sleep in a little longer.  We ended up loading the car at 6:30 am, and heading out by 7:00 am.  Needless to say, the troops were very restless today (I guess we didn’t give everyone time to do their “business” at their leisure)  Everyone was complaining on the road!  All of the kitties are done being good – they are sick and tired of being cooped up in crates and crammed into tiny hotel rooms!!  I wish we could explain what’s going on- but they just look at us like we are crazy and promise to keep us up all night to get back at us.

We did enjoy a silly TV show last night called “Don’t forget the Lyrics”.  If you haven’t seen it, it comes on after “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”  The contestants sing along to songs and they leave out some of the words, which the contestants have to fill in.  Silly, but fun 🙂 (hey, it helped us pass the time!!)

The breakfast at the hotel was as bad as the room – something that resembled bacon (but did not look cooked) and some kind of powdered excuse for eggs- so we passed.  We had hard boiled eggs in the car (yum?).  Luckily we found a Starbucks in Evanston, Wyoming and got to have some HOT coffee!  Around 10:45 we were hungry and tried to stop at a Quiznos for a sandwich, turns out they did not open until 11:00, so we had to buy a sandwich from the gas station.  WORST SANDWICH EVER!!  I had to take a picture of it – a dry roll, one slice of turkey, and about 1/4 slice of cheese!  But what can you do when you are hungry and there is no place else to go (and you already paid $4.00 for the sad little sandwich??).  The sandwich came with a cookie, which we decided wasn’t even worth the calories!  How often do you NOT eat a chocolate chip cookie??  You know it was bad!!

I don’t know how truckers do it day after day- being on the road is hard!  Bad food, uncomfortable beds, unaccomodating cats (okay, maybe they don’t travel with cats) – whatever- they would have to pay me BIG BUCKS to drive cross country for a living!  Here’s a question I have . . . in just about every small town, there is a big lot full of old dead cars . . . where do they come from?  There is no one for miles – but there are old dead cars . . . do they go out looking for them?  It brings to mind the movie “Dusk till Dawn”.  . .

We missed all of the “big storms” the Weather Channel warned us about today.  We got some rain, but it wasn’t bad and tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny!  I got some good pictures of some pretty threatening looking weather – hope you enjoy it!  Tomorrow we will make our way into Oregon- yeah!!!  We are already so excited to see REAL MOUNTAINS!!!  We’re almost home!!