Where did February go??

I just realized that it is the last week of the month and I haven’t posted in FOREVER!! I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my life 🙂 I’ve been applying for jobs, had a few interviews . . .still waiting for the right opportunity to appear! In the meantime, I’ve been wasting LOTS of time on facebook (it’s so easy to do!!). Let’s see. . . I’ve started running again! It’s slow going, but I’m starting to feel pretty good! Last week I was sick with a cold (thanks honey!) but today I was feeling better so went out for a run in the rain. Turns out, I got rid of all my rain clothes, so I got pretty wet! Oh well, at least I was out there!!

It’s been pretty quiet around the house- turns out that the dogs and cats just sleep ALL DAY and don’t really care to entertain me! I have been torturing them with the camera 😉 I think I am the only photographer that has all black animals to photograph! Let me tell you . . they are tough! Kevin suggested that I go out and buy a teddy bear and practice with that 😉 (A tan one, of course!) I just might do that!!

Kevin’s job is going well – he has been busy!! To0 busy to call and chat during the day (poor me!) Just another reason . . .I need a JOB!! I have WAY too much free time on my hands. You would think that I would accomplish alot, but it turns out . . I’m not quite as motivated when I’m not busy- it seems that I thrive on deadlines 😉

Kevin is currently on what we are calling “The World Tour”.  He is visiting some of the offices that do the Charter High Schools so he can see how they function and put together some business requirements for their new systems.  Today he flew to Minneapolis and drove 4 hours to Fergus Falls, Minnesota- it’s very close to the border of North Dakota and guess what . . it’s COLD!! Currently it is 17 degrees and “feels like 1”.   He will spend the day there tomorrow and then drive 4 hours BACK to Minneapolis, spend the night and fly to Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Wednesday. From there he will drive to Waukesha, Wisconsin and then drive back on Thursday so he can fly home on Friday. Whew . . makes me tired just thinking about it!  The sites are all remote and not close to an airport, so he has to take 6:00 am flights to make it to the site at a decent hour- he’s going to be exhausted by the time he gets back!

But it won’t end there! Next week he flies to Kansas City (via Denver) and drives to Manhattan, Kansas- then drives back to the airport and flies to Las Vegas and heads to Lake Havasu, Arizona- then back to Vegas and home again on Friday! Fun, huh? Unfortunately, he didn’t take a camera . . so there will be no photos to share 😦

We have been starting to look at houses and will see if we can get approved for a loan this week. The last time we bought a house we did a “no doc” loan- we just told them what we made and they believed us- ummm, they’re not doing those loans anymore – so we will have to show verifiable income. Luckily, Kevin is working in the same kind of job (business analyst) as he was at Nike, so we should be able to sway the underwriters in our favor (keep your fingers crossed).

We will probably have to spend about $300,000 on a house (and that’s cheap!!) The good news is, we are buying at a VERY good time and there are lots of houses to choose from. We have only seen a couple of houses that we have liked- we know what we want, so we are going to try to be patient . . .but Cali really wants a back yard!!

I’ll leave you with some photos of the kids . . .like I said, I’ve been torturing them 😉

Oh yeah, if you didn’t see the video I made for Kevin for our 10 year anniversary . . . here is the link!


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