Let it snow (somewhere else!!)

It snowed on Sunday- I must say, we were excited for it- but now, I’m over it.  It snowed and then got really cold and icy- and the snow didn’t melt . . . it just made it impossible to get anywhere!  Tomorrow we are supposed to get MORE snow!!  The Melfi van is not what I would call an “all-weather” vehicle.    We went out Sunday around 10:00 am to visit some kitties and ended up walking up a little hill to the kitty house because our tires were spinning.  Santa: Can I please have a Subaru Forester????

Yesterday I got nervous because the weather started calling for snow all next week (what??)  This is the Portland Metro area- NOT THE MOUNTAINS!!!  Chains are in order- afterall, I have several kitties that I will be caring for over the next couple of weeks and I need to be able to drive to their houses!!  Here’s the funny thing . . . almost every year, it snows one or two days in Portland and then everyone runs out to buy chains and all of the stores run out.  Kevin and I always laugh and say . . . “they have been telling us all week we were going to get snow . . . why didn’t they get their chains before the snow came??”  Well- the laugh is on us- we didn’t have chains, ignored the weather reports and then scrambled to find chains for the minivan.  One guy actually laughed at Kevin when he called (jerk!). 

One of my cat sitting friends told me where she found some chains so first thing this morning I called and purchased a set over the phone 🙂  (whew!)  I ventured out onto the icy roads to go pick them up around noon.  “The roads are fine” – that’s what more than a few of my friends said – and they were almost right . . . most of the roads are fine- others are icy and I just happened to be lucky enough to find myself spinning my tires at a stop light- I was stuck for about 10 minutes!!  Finally I was able to back up enough to find dry pavement and begin moving forward again!  ARGGGHHH.

I am not a fan of icy roads.  Snow is fun as long as you don’t have to drive in it 🙂

Oh yeah, in case we haven’t told you- Kevin started his new job last Wednesday with a great company;  KC Distance Learning (a division of KinderCare) and he is slowly adjusting to coming out of retirement (don’t tell him I said that!).   I am still working on some yoga teaching opportunities and expanding my Pet Business.

I actually finished designing our Christmas cards yesterday . . . now I just need to get them printed and in the mail!  Can you believe that Christmas is next week?  Are you done with your shopping?  I’m NOT (stupid icy roads . . . )

Here are some pics from our winter wonderland . . . don’t forget to enjoy every moment!!


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