It’s cold outside!!

Yup, it’s been chilly here in the Pacific Northwest- yesterday we took Cali for a walk and I had an ice cream headache because it was so cold! (44 degrees!!) It rained today and we were both laughing – it’s 49 degrees and raining – we must be in Portland!!! This afternoon we went to our favorite grocery store, Trader Joes and stocked up on food (I can’t possibly eat one more meal out!). The movers came yesterday and I have almost unpacked the whole house (we didn’t move much, so it was easy!!)

When we first arrived at our new “house” (it’s a townhouse in an apartment complex) – we were not very excited about the place. I saw a flash of panic in Kevin’s eyes, so we told the girl that we were going to go and have a cup of coffee. We went to Starbucks, got on the computer and starting looking for other options, we even went and looked at another townhouse- but it was worse than the apartment!! Rentals are never as nice as you want them to be (but what did we expect? It’s a rental!!) After a few hours of panic, we went back and signed the lease at the original place. Now that our stuff is here and we are mostly moved in, it feels like home 🙂

Sometimes all of the spontaneous decisions that we make can lead to alot of stress, and this was no exception- but today, we feel good about our move, the place and where we are!!  The house is mostly set up- we don’t have a sofa, so we are camped out on our beach chairs in the living room watching our TV – it’s pretty funny 🙂

The kitties have all settled in – Cali is still a little bit of a mess, but she’ll be okay. She is such a sensitive dog- she gets all stressed out, gets itchy, licks her paws until they are raw, gets more stressed out, licks her paws more- poor little nut job! (I’m sure it’s no reflection on us- right?) She’s under 24 hour surveillance and may have to wear her “space boots” again. (If she does, I’ll take a picture – there is nothing funnier than watching her walk around in her boots!)

Speaking of funny- yesterday, Zuni finally came downstairs to check out the main floor and somehow she walked into some packing tape that had been ripped off of a box- she went flying out of the room with the tape stuck to her foot- HELP, SOMEONE IS AFTER ME!!! Kevin ran upstairs to save her and he said she was doing figure eights around the bedroom – under the bed, around the room . .. he finally caught her on the third loop and rescued her from the terrible tape. Now, everytime she hears us rip the tape off of a box, her eyes get huge and she runs to hide!! I wish we could have caught it on video, I laugh out loud everytime I think about it!!

We are ready to get out and explore Portland again- I can’t wait to go to Saturday Market and go for a hike by the Japanese Gardens, and visit The Pearl and see some friends!! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to share.  Tomorrow, I’m off to a yoga class – I can’t wait!!


2 responses to “It’s cold outside!!

  1. it was 82 and sunny here in MB – but not the same without you guys… wwaahhhhhh

  2. We have put tape on our cats feet before and oh what fun it is watching!
    Poor kitty, she’ll get over it.
    Love Auntie

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