On the road again . .

We packed up and left Fort Mill, South Carolina today.   It took the movers about 3 hours to load all of our belongings into a truck and hit the road.  It took us about 45 minutes to get everything into the minivan to leave!  The four kitties got their pills and were pretty good for the trip.  Monkey howled (not very enthusiastically) every time we talked to each other, just to  let us know he was still there!  We caught some water skiing on Lake Norman and were lucky enough to catch the “Welcome to” signs for Virginia and West Virginia  . . and also, the road to nowhere 😉

We made our way through North Carolina, Virginia and ended up in West Virginia (Barboursville, VW to be exact).  The kitties are hanging out in the hotel room – (they are coming down from their drugs . . .hopefully, they won’t keep us up all night!!)  We are relaxing and watching “How I Met Your Mother” and ” Two and a Half Men”.  I’m sure we’ll be knocked out soon after . . . moving really wears you out!!!!  We will keep you posted on our progress – tomorrow, West Chester Ohio -woohoo!!


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